Easy to listen,
easy to focus

Voice Selector Study


For enhanced focus
in the classroom

Every classroom comes with distractions and disturbances. And when the effort to concentrate gets too much, the only option is to switch off.
Voice Selector Study is a small tabletop device that works with any wired headphones. It cuts through background noise, honing in on the speaker and tuning out everything else. Making learning easy.

Users’ stories

Tal, 11 year old

Primary school student

Before I started using it my mum would get tons of calls from my teachers. They aren’t calling anymore.

Lior, 17 year old

Year 13 student

Voice Selector Study focuses you only on what the teacher is saying, without all the background noise.

Batel, Mother of an 11 year old

Occupational Therapist

I came upon the product through my work. I thought “Wow”—this could really help a lot of children. Even in my own home, it could help me.

Acoustic beamforming for directional focus

Our world-leading technology amplifies the sound you want to listen to, and reduces the background noise you don’t. For better concentration, simply set the direction – and get back to studying.

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Minimizing noise, maximizing focus

Naturally filtering the teacher’s voice from background noise takes effort and concentration. By doing that work for you, Voice Selector Study makes it easier to listen. So you can concentrate better, learn more, and achieve the results you want.

An enhanced learning experience

By reducing noise, Voice Selector Study makes for a much calmer classroom experience. Less cognitive effort is needed to concentrate on the teacher, freeing up energy to be directed where it counts.

Immediate results

The relief Voice Selector Study provides is immediate, with minimal setup required. Easier concentration and better results have never been closer.

At last, you’re in control

Voice Selector Study gives the student control. Take charge of the noises around you with straightforward, automated settings that let you target your listening. So you can concentrate on studying.


Easy and simple to use

  • Place your Voice Selector Study on the table and put on your headphones
  • The device automatically tunes in to the dominant speaker
  • Listen clearly and study easily, without distractions
  • Suited for different situations

    Automatically track the teacher’s voice as they move around the whiteboard


  • Suited for different situations

    Automatically follow the dominant speaker, wherever they are in the room


  • Suited for different situations

    Manually select up to two dominant speakers for easy conversation


Voice Selector Study
Easy to listen, easy to focus

  • Focused listening and attention
  • A better learning experience
  • Student empowerment
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