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Focused Hearing Solution

Phonewear™ – Focused Hearing in a phone case

Focused hearing lets you clearly hear the person you’re talking to while toning down the background noise.

The Nuance Phonewear kit consists of a protective case compatible with iPhone 6/6s/7/8, earphones and an app

that you download free from the AppStore.

The Phonewear case features 8 MEMS microphones, a charging connector, an On/Off button, a headset jack and a high-end protective case.

Focused hearing at your fingertips
Changing the focus direction on the app is simple.

Checks your hearing to personalize your sound
Take our built-in hearing test to calibrate the device.

Always with you
Like your phone, Phonewear is always available.

No additional charge
Phonewear is powered by your phone. And that’s that.

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