Voice Selector Converse

For clear conversation in noisy spaces

  • World-leading beamforming technology
  • TV audio-streaming
  • Remote microphone mode for 1-1 conversation
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty


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  1. Sound selector Converse
  2. Wireless earphones
  3. TV audio-streaming cable
  4. Silicone ear tips in 3 sizes
  5. Silicone case (graphite)
  6. Protective pouch
  7. Magnetic lanyard
  8. Charging cable


  • Who is Voice Selector Converse for?

    Voice Selector Converse is an Assistive Listening Device for anyone who is challenged by understanding speech in noisy situations.

  • Where can I use Voice Selector Converse?

    Voice Selector Converse can be used in any crowded or noisy location where it’s difficult to understand conversation. For example:

    • A busy café or open plan office space
    • Multiple speaker settings, such as family gatherings or business meetings
    • While listening to the TV
    • To clearly hear a single speaker, such as in the car, a restaurant, or on a walk
    • During lectures
  • What is the difference between Voice Selector Converse and Voice Selector Study?

    Though both devices look similar, each is optimized for different situations.

    • Voice Selector Converse improves speech understanding in noisy environments, such as restaurants, meeting rooms, and around the house. It can also operate as a TV streamer and as a remote microphone for one-on-one conversations. Voice Selector Converse comes with a companion app that creates a personal listening profile, as well as wireless headphones. It can also be used with wired headphones if desired.
    • Voice Selector Study is specialized for classroom situations, to enhance focus and improve learning. It can only be used with wired headphones.
  • Can Voice Selector Converse work with hearing aids?

    Not directly at the moment. If a hearing aid user would like to use the Voice Selector Converse, they can either use the hearing aid streaming accessory, or use the Voice Selector Converse without the hearing aids.




  • How do I operate Voice Selector Converse?

    Voice Selector Converse can be used in one of three ways:

    1. Group Conversation – Use Voice Selector Converse to listen to a group of people.
      Place your device in the middle of the table. Using either the interface or companion app, orient the open (dim) segments towards your conversation partner(s) and the blocked (dark) segments towards you.
      The dominant speaker is automatically selected (the bright segment), and you can tap segments to open or block directions.
      For more information, see the guide or video tutorial.
    2. One-on-One Conversation – Let your conversation partner wear Voice Selector Converse on the magnetic lanyard while you use the wireless headphones.
    3. TV Streaming – Connect Voice Selector Converse to the TV using the Streaming cable and wear the wireless headphones.
  • How do I control the volume?

    The volume can be controlled in three ways:

    • Volume controls on Voice Selector Converse
    • Volume controls on the wireless headphones
    • Via the mobile app
  • Can I use Voice Selector Converse as a PC microphone?

    Yes. Voice Selector Converse can be used as an external microphone for your PC by connecting with the USB charging cable. When used as a microphone, it can capture just your voice and ignore background noise.


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