The Voice Selector Study is an innovative directional microphone accessory which reduces background noise, making it easier for students to pay attention while improving their capacity to concentrate during class.

The user indicates the position of the speaker they want to listen to on the touchscreen. An array of 8 microphones captures sound input from every direction which is processed by our world-leading beamforming and signal processing algorithm to reduce background noise, enabling the dominant speaker to be heard clearly.

The key benefits of the Voice Selector Study are:

  • Improves Students’ active listening, focus and attention in the classroom
  • Reduces background noise, tuning out distractions that disrupt Students’ concentration
  • Increases ability to dedicate limited cognitive and attentional resources to attended target by diminishing external stimulation


Signal to noise ratio (SNR or S/N) is a measure that compares the level of a desired signal – the sound or voice you want to hear – to the level of undesired background noise.

Voice Selector Study & medications

Yes, they can be used together. There are no contraindications with any prescription ADHD medication.

The Voice Selector Study is not intended to replace or substitute treatment with prescribed pharmaceutical medication for ADHD. The Voice Selector Study improves the user’s listening experience and capacity for attention during classes, lectures, and group meetings.

Using the Voice Selector Study

The Voice Selector Study is an effective tool for anyone who wants to enhance their listening experience, and improve their capacity to focus attention in a learning environment.

The Voice Selector Study can be used in classes and lectures, during group meetings and seminars, or in any crowded and noisy location where it’s difficult to hear and understand conversation – like a busy café or an open-plan office space.

No, the Voice Selector Study can’t be used without connecting wired headphones.

Yes, the Voice Selector Study can be used with your favorite, most comfortable headphones – as long as they have a 3.5” mm standard jack (male) audio connector.

Yes, in fact using headphones with Active Noise Cancelling only improves the function of the Voice Selector Study.

Unfortunately, the Voice Selector Study can’t be used with wireless Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth transmission, like most wireless headphone technology, generates a short processing. This makes listening in real-time impossible, so wireless and Bluetooth headphones are not suitable for use with the Voice Selector Study. We are presently working on a solution to this end.

The Voice Selector Study has 4 distinct listening mode settings for different situations:

  • Lecture – This mode automatically isolates and follows the voice of the dominant speaker (such as a teacher or lecturer), while reducing background noises coming from behind and to either side of the user. This is the default listening mode on the Voice Selector Study.
  • Discussion – This mode automatically isolates the dominant speaking voice from all directions, from moment to moment. This allows the user to follow the dominant speaker from dynamic locations, such as during classroom discussions with student participation.
  • One-on-one mode – This mode allows for manual selection of speaker direction, reducing undesired background noises from all other directions. An Ideal setting for intimate conversations between two people in noisy, crowded locations.
  • One-on-Two Mode – This mode allows for manual selection of two distinct speaker directions, reducing undesired background noises from all other directions. An ideal setting for social or business meetings between three people taking place in noisy, crowded situations.

[Additional information on changing mode settings can be found below in our Short User Guide]


Approximately 2 hours to charge full battery

The battery life of the Voice Selector Study is approximately 12 hours of continuous user – more than enough for a long day of classes and lectures.


Nuance Hearing guarantees the Voice Selector Study for 2 years from date of purchase. [For more information please see Terms of Warranty below]


Extended use of all headphones and earphones can cause long term damage to your hearing. At Nuance Hearing we are very cognizant of this fact and endeavor to find the best possible solutions and outcomes for our users; As such, we made sure to limit the maximal volume on the Voice Selector Study, so that it can’t reach volume levels which damage hearing with extended exposure. We recommend using the device at a lower, more natural volume that suitable to the user and their environment.

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